1.5.1 - Minor balancing

23 Oct 2023
1. Difficulty of ELIMINATOR reduced.
2. Hitpoints of ARMOURED SENTRY DRONE reduced.

1.5.0 - Eliminator update

21 Oct 2023
1. Touch screen controls added - switch between Touch or Tilt to control your ship!
2. New Boss - the mighty ELIMINATOR.
3. New enemies, including the SUPER HEAVY BOMBER
4. New Player ship - the RAPTOR "XTREME", with the new STARBURST CANNON. Available to players once reaching 1m points in a single game.
5. Leaderboards improvements.
6. General minor UI improvements.

1.4.3 - Minor update

31 Aug 2023
1. Minor UI update.
2. Icon updated slightly, and fixed on Android
3. Global kill count added to menu.
4. Fixed UI sounds still playing even when SFX setting turned off

The 4th Anniversary updates

Big 1.4 updates to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Xtreme! Originally released 30 Nov 2018.
New player ship, new weapons, and a new deadly boss! Visual and interface improvements.

Version 1.4.2

17 February 2023

1. Fixed some minor issues with animations on bosses.
2. Some minor improvements to effects and background colours in-game.
3. Improved animations and audio on Boss "Planetary Cruiser"

Version 1.4.1

06 November 2022

1. New boss! The brutal "Battleship" - a deadly and powerful adversary!
2. Boss waves are now in a different random order every game.
3. Balancing: Boss "Command Ship" base Hitpoints increased.
4. Balancing: Boss "Planetary Cruiser" armour reduced slightly.
5. UI: End-game summary screen interface improved.
6. Player ship Raptor - Quantum Cannons can now initially fire a 3 burst instead of 2, plus base damage increased.
7. New player weapon: "Plasma Blaster", available on the Raptor.
8. Player ship Raptor - Medium Blaster replaced with new Plasma Blaster.
9. Player ship Stratosphere - heavy weapon now fires with more force/speed.

Version 1.4.0

25 October 2022

1. New player ship: "Sharman I", unlocked at 500k top score.
2. New player weapon: Super heavy blaster, available on the Sharman.
3. New special ability: "Reflective Barrier".
4. New special ability: "Repair Drone".
5. New medium enemy: "Crab" - a dual cannon fighter with moderate armour.
6. New heavy enemy: "X-Bow" - a heavily armoured smart bomber that also deploys drones.
7. UI: Game UI Updates: In-game HUD, ship select, ability select, and end game summary.
8. UI: Game UI Updates: End game summary now shows enemy type kills.
9. UI: HUD: Show power-up pickups and wave number.
10. UI: HUD: New boss health bar graphics.
11. UI: HUD: Shield down visual warning now slightly stronger.
12. UX: Improved flow through menus and slightly updated buttons.
13. Shields: Audio alarm now plays when shields go down, and a charge-up sound plays when they come back up.
14. Power-ups: Weapons: Bonus effects increased by 50%.
15. Power-ups: Health: Bonus effects increased by 43%.
16. Power-ups: Shield: Bonus effects increased by 80%.
17. Player ships: Stratosphere HP increased by 23%.
18. Player ships: Woolsthorpe dual laser positioning now fits with ship design better.
19. Player ships: Raptor shield recharge time reduced by around 17% (shields begin to charge up slightly faster).
20. Lasers: Some lasers visually updated+improved.
21. Enemies: Fixed laser placement (visual only) and changed audio sounds on some enemies.
22. Enemies: Changed audio sounds on some enemies.
23. Abilities: Wingman shields now Golden coloured to signify they are very powerful.
24. Abilities: Wingman lasers are now less spread out.
25. Fixes: Fixed an issue where Power-up bonuses could be too high for the Wasp player ship.
26. Fixes: Meteor spin rate consistent across devices.
27. Fixes: Improve how screen scales on wider devices.
28. System: Game now remembers which ship and ability you last used between play sessions.

1.3.0 - Wingman update

01 May 2021
1. New special ability: "Wingman".
2. "Wasp" ship now unlocked at 250k score.
3. Abilities: Immunity shield now lasts 20 seconds, up from 10.
4. Abilities: Weapon boost ability now lasts 20 seconds, up from 10.
5. Player base shields increased slightly for Woolsthorpe (10%) and Stratosphere (20%).
6. Game UI update.

1.2.1 - First birthday update - Wasp Fighter

15 Oct 2019
To celebrate Xtreme's first birthday and over 1m kills:
1. New player ship - "Wasp Fighter", with new player weapons!
2. Leaderboards system update


10 Oct 2019
1. Core system updates to prepare for 1.2.1


29 Jul 2019
1. Minor enemy balancing fixes


20 Jul 2019
1. Apollo 50th anniversary update: Defend the Moon throughout July and August!
2. New enemy heavy fighter Ace - intelligent and dangerous.
3. New special unique challenge ship for those who get past wave 20!
4. Balancing:
- Enemy "Destroyer" kill score increased
- Boss "Planetary Destroyer" has had its damage increased.


05 Mar 2019
1. Added one time use powerful Special Abilities.
2. New Boss added.
3. Meteoroids added: Use for cover or destroy for a reward.
4. Balancing:
- Very-heavy enemy Photon-Bomber fire rate and power reduced slightly.
- Very-heavy enemy ships now award 25% more points.
- Player Stratosphere Bomber health, shields, and fire-power improved significantly.
- Player Woolsthorpe Fighter shields increased by 10%.


27 Jan 2019
1. Fixed a display issue for iPhone X and XR.


30 Dec 2018
1. Leaderboard updates
2. Waves can no longer be accidentally ended quickly
3. Power-ups no longer spawn at the edge of the screen
4. Ships (player and enemy) now have a small buffer margin at edges of screen
5. Larger ships (excluding bosses) now explode... bigger
6. User experience tweaks including colour of last score in scoreboard, weapon icons instead of numbers, and weapon descriptions
7. Weapon score cost balancing


Dec 8 2018, 11:50 PM
1. UI: Fixed resolution scaling issues on certain sized devices
2. Live on Apple App Store


Dec 8 2018, 7:55 PM
1. Two new heavy enemy types, that spawn in later waves only.
2. Slightly increased time between light enemy spawns.
3. Old arcade mode removed


Dec 6 2018
1. Boss fights are now more interesting, and added Boss health bar.
2. Slightly decreased the initial spawn count on certain waves.
3. Fixed an issue where some devices may occasionally not correctly load scoreboards.
4. Slightly improved the sensitivity of tilt to allow standing still.


Dec 1 2018, 11:33 PM
1. Bosses now drop health powerups
2. Powerups movement speed decreased on higher waves
3. Fixed bug where more than one boss would spawn on boss waves(!)


Dec 1 2018, 4:42 PM
1. New player ships and weapons!
2. New enemy
3. Balanced some enemy damage, health, and speed
4. Increased number of enemies, but higher proportion of easier enemies
5. Powerups are now slightly better
6. Minor usability tweaks

1.0.9 (Production)

Nov 30 2018, 2:48 PM
1. System fixes
2. Initial public launch

1.0.8 (Beta)

1. New mode and new ship! Xtreme mode. Battle against a increasingly difficult and numerous horde of attackers.
2. New weapon powerup!
3. New enemy weapon type
4. Space is less dull now...
5. Weapon powerups now fall towards you, at random spacing
6. Minor usability fixes
7. Fixed some movement glitching

1.0.7 (Beta)

1. Leaderboards, stats, and improved controls.