Pilot's guide to the enemy

Intelligence manual and combat reports.

Scout Ship

Scout Ship

Numerous and most likely the first enemy ship you will encounter. Where Scouts appear there's usually a lot more behind - prepare for a full scale attack.

Fast, light armour, and very inaccurate light weapons.

Light Attack Fighter

Light Attack Fighter

A light forward attack ship. Armed with one laser cannon powered by a weak power source.

Reportedly piloted by unintelligent clone pilots that recieve basic orders from near by Command Ships.

Heavy Attack Fighter

Heavy Attack Fighter "Claw"

Rapid fire dual laser cannons and armour plating make this attack fighter much more dangerous than the lighter variants.

Troop Carrier

Troop Carrier "Sausage"

A lightly armoured troop carrier. Always escorted by fighters for protection. Can not be allowed to land on Earth.

Its forward light laser gunner position can easily pick away at your shields over time.

Sentry Drone

Sentry Drone

These unpiloted drones are often deployed to defend high value targets. Light weapons and armour, but can be deployed in large numbers.

Smart Bomber

Smart Bomber "Smartie"

A multi-purpose unpiloted bomber drone with targeted plasma weapons which can pack a punch.

Reasonably tough armour which resists our light weapons pretty well.

Heavy Bomber Red

Heavy Bomber "Red"

A space-to-land long range bomber. Although unable to target moving objects, can deal massive damage if caught in a blast.

Our pilots refer to them as Reds as that'll be the last overwhelming colour you see before death.

Heavy Fighter Ace

Heavy Fighter Bomber "Ace"

An intelligent and dangerous fighter Ace. Armed with a powerful heavy blaster. Dispatched to intercept the better human pilots.

Once they lock on they will follow you - determined to take you out.



An anti-ship destroyer which are luckily pretty rare. Its crew will be well trained and can hit moving targets from distance.

Heavy armour and a powerful single blast laser cannon makes this one to watch out for. Light weapons are not great against this foe.

Planetary Cruiser

Photon Bomber

Its primary role is to attack space stations and planetary targets with cluster munition, but can be deadly against ships too.

Heavy armour and deadly photon bombs. Use caution when engaging - extremely powerful.

Drone Carrier

Drone Carrier

A reasonably heavy armoured drone production facility and carrier. On their own they are not much of a threat, but combined with a wave of enemies their drones will soon overwhelm you.

These large ships are rarely seen, but can really cause problems as they will create a non stop stream of Sentry Drones.

Planetary Cruiser

Command Ship

Enemy battle command ships are tough with extremely dense armour. Most of our weapons seem ineffective, but there must be a weak spot.

These large ships organise and control the drones and clone fighters. Usually crewed with high ranking officers.

Planetary Cruiser

Planetary Cruiser

Not much is known about these large ships yet. Able to deal magnificent damage and protected by extremely strong armour.

Its weapons take several seconds to charge up their capacitors - but very few pilots return home once they fire.